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Michael Sweeney has over 40 years' experience in buying and selling pianos. Now with our Virtual Keyboard Inventory Service, is offering common ground for bringing the nation's piano and other keyboard instrument buyers and sellers together.

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Piano Classified AdsA classified Ad at Sweeney Piano is free. The service includes a full page ad with targeted traffic, an interactive slide show, detailed information with unlimited updates and access to our knowledge base where you can find tips on how to make your keyboard instrument stand out from the rest. From baby grand pianos to Moog Synthesizers -- all types of keyboard instruments are eligible for this service.

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The online piano classified process is easy and straight-forward:

  • Step One: Become a member of our web site. The process is easy, secure and free.
  • Step Two: Provide basic information about your instrument through our online Virtual Inventory Keyboard Classified Ad Wizard.

At that point, your work is more or less complete. After we receive the information you provide through our Classified Ad Wizard, we will review your add and either publish it or contact you for more information and/or suggestions to make your ad more effective. Once your add is online, you will be able to update the details of your ad, accessible from the membership area of the web site.

Our advice concerning your ad is based upon over 40 years' experience in buying, repairing, rebuilding and reselling acoustic pianos. We offer our free, online classified ad service for those who wish to sell any type of keyboard instrument. Nevertheless, please remember that there is no guarantee that your instrument will sell by using our Virtual Inventory Keyboard Classified Ad Service.

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