For Sale: Strich & Zeidler- N.Y.

For Sale

Asking Price: $10,000.00 Or Best Offer

Piano purchased from M. Sweeney, Devon, Pa. about 12 years ago after complete restoration. Michael set piano up in my house in Thornton, Pa. 19373 where it is now.

Piano has been preserved in restoration state and played only occassionally by me over the past few years. It is now for sale.

Manufacturer: Strich & Zeidler- N.Y.
Type: Grand Piano 6 to 7 Feet Long
Serial Number: In M. Sweeney's file
Manufacture Date: about 1919 N.Y.
Location: Thornton, PA 19373
Cabinet Style: Edwardian
Finish: Mahogany Glossy