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If you own a piano that is due or even over-due for quality refinishing, repair or restoration of any kind, from Casas Adobes to Tempe, to Gilbert to Kingman to Scottsdale to Phoenix to Tuscon, your piano repair is as close as the entrance to your local interstate highway. Our professionally trained piano movers will pick up and deliver your piano in Arizona faster than you might imagine. You will be delighted by the results of our 25 step piano restoration process.

The Effects of Age on Your Piano

Arizona and your piano: summer hot, dry desert winds. Dust storms that can put the very best special effects technicians in Hollywood to shame. Intense sun and high heat pushing triple digits. 50 plus degree temperature changes from night to day. In the summer monsoon, there are the sudden humidity surges from erratic thunderstorms. And then comes winter with snow and temperatures in the north dropping to below freezing.

For your piano, over time this type of repetition eventually begins to take its toll. But it takes a lot to kill a piano, even in the intense weather systems of Arizona. In fact, we have restored many pianos that appeared to the casual observer to be beyond repair. Once your piano is restored, it will be much better prepared for facing the ever intense weather of Southern Arizona summers and Northern Arizona winters.

It's true. Well cared for pianos can survive such conditions. But pianos in the arid regions of Arizona have the potential to prematurely age, especially without proper protection. If your piano is in need of repair -- even If neglect has been the order of the day for years and decades -- piano restoration might be the way to bring your piano back and to protect it for the future.

An impeccable restoration along with a smart plan for maintenance will help prolong the life of your piano in Arizona -- whether your home is in the Juniper forests or the Ocotillo flats -- for generations to come.

Replacing Materials That Last

There are some basic replacement parts and materials that are needed to insure excellent results in piano building and rebuilding. We believe that a piano restoration should be thorough and that replaced parts should be as good or better than the originals. With our piano restoration service, parts that cannot be found in Arizona will be sought from the finest available manufacturers.

Music Schools in Arizona

There are no schools in Arizona dedicated to piano technology, (including piano repair and restoration), but there are several music schools (and departments) across the state.

List of Arizona Music Schools & Music Departments

Arizona State University Tempe
Arizona Western College Yuma
Cochise College Douglas
Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences Tempe
Eastern Arizona College Thatcher
Northern Arizona University Flagstaff
Pima Community College Tucson
Prescott College Prescott
University of Arizona Tucson
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