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If you own a piano in Idaho that is due or even over-due for quality refinishing, repair or piano restoration of any kind, from Alpha to Obsidian, to Gross to Chilly to Picabo to Riddle Rigby, your piano repair is as close as the entrance to your local interstate highway. Our expert movers are picking up, delivering & delighting piano lovers all across the country, including Idaho, every day with pianos we repair and restore.

Torque Force in Tuning Pins

To put it one way, you could say that torque is the force required to maintain tight strings on a piano. Piano technicians speak of torque when referring to the turning and twisting force involved when the tension between the string and the tuning pin is increased. The torque is intensely powerful, which is the very reason why the piano needs a healthy pin block since the force which the tightening string applies to the pin is actually controlled and supported by the pin block. It is wood that holds the torque in place.

When you focus upon the minute details of piano repair you see how the piano is indeed, a music box, a human powered music box. This is not to imply anything simple or snooty about the piano, for the mechanism inside is incredibly complicated, requiring professional care if in need of repair. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of parts inside the music box that is the piano.

Torsion Strain in the Piano

Opposing torques can become so intense, so strained against one another that the tuning pin will bend out of shape. Just described is an extreme of an otherwise normal condition which is 'torsional strain' resulting in bending. That is, torsion strain is a natural and expected result or aspect of the dynamic energies created by the turning and twisting of the string around the tuning pin, and although it is sometimes difficult to imagine, metal conforms (i.e. bends) when pressured. The remedy is to equip the piano with a good pin block and make sure the pin block is eqipped with high quality tuning pins.

Piano Repair from Idaho to Pennsylvania and Back

Piano Repair in Idaho

Music Degrees at Idaho State University

There are no degree offerings in piano technology, piano repair, refinishing or restoration at Idaho State University, but there are Bacholar of Music, Music Education, Arts in Music, Science in Music and Masters of Education in Music Education options.

Idaho Falls Symphony

In Idaho Falls there is the Idaho Falls Symphony which had its beginnings in the love of music almost 60 musical years ago. If you get the chance, each season usually has several large symphonic pieces sure to please. Season tickets can cover from one to five to eight events!

Sun Valley Summer Symphony

Located in Sun Valley, Idaho. From the Sun Valley Summer Symphony mission statement:

The Sun Valley Summer Symphony celebrates the majesty of its Alpine setting with the beauty of outstanding free classical music performances, and enriches our lives through its artistic, educational and cultural programming, made possible through the philanthropic generosity of its community.

Idaho State Civic Symphony

According to the Idaho State Civic Symphony web site, this symphony, located in Pocatello, Idaho (83209) is the oldest symphony orchestra in the state of Idaho, perhaps over a century old. Each season consists of one pops and four classical performances.

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