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Piano Repair Illinois ILPiano Restoration in Illinois

If you own a piano that is due or even over-due for quality refinishing, repair or restoration of any kind, from Waukegan to Winnebago, to East St. Louis to Carbondale to Hazel Dale to the great city of Chicago, your piano repair is as close as the entrance to your local interstate highway. Our professional movers will pick up, deliver and delight you with our repair and restoration work.

Piano Repair in Chicago, Illinois

According to the Piano Technicians Guild web site, out of over forty names listed for general piano repair and maintenance work in the Chicago area -- usually tuning and regulation -- there are about 5 names listed that offer more extensive work, like "Fire Damage Repair," "Smoke Damage Repair" and "Water Damage Repair." A couple others listed "Reconditioning" and "Refinishing" as work willing to be waged. Some of the listings give the amount of experience, number of years in business, references, guarantees, etc. But since you're here at our web site, perhaps you are genuinely interested in our business. Please feel free to browse through the site. Perhaps the galleries will interest you, or the letters from our customers, or reviews of our work. We want to emphasize our sincere belief that, given over 40 years in the business of repairing, rebuilding and refinishing pianos, you will be absolutely and completely satisfied with your refinished piano.

If you have specific questions about piano repair, don't hesitate to contact us. We understand that every piano is different, every history unique. It won't be difficult to let us know how much you care about your piano, or why you want to have your piano repaired or rebuilt or refinished. We love pianos, too.

Illinois Humidity & Your Piano

A more or less constant humidity level is good for your piano. If you can keep the piano within a few degrees of change, it will be much happier. Extreme changes, especially if repeated numerous times can be dangerous. "Pianos like everything to be the same all the time," says Robert Callaghan, a former technician at Sweeney Piano, now the resident technician at the University of Nevada, Reno. It's not so much the difference between high humidity and low humidity, but "the changing back and forth that [pianos] don't like." Mr. Callaghan also mentioned those who claim that extreme humidity fluctuations contribute to damaged, cracking soundboards.

The piano repair work that we do in our shop is sometimes due to damage caused by a history of extreme humidity fluctuations. When we deliver your refinished piano, we will alert you to any humidity concerns we might detect.

The average humidity of Chicago, Illinois and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are almost the same. According to cityrating.com, the average morning humidity in Chicago is 80%. According to the same web site, the average morning humidity in Philadelphia, PA is 76%.

Piano Repair from Illinois to Pennsylvania and Back

Piano Repair in Illinois

For descriptive purposes, if your piano is in Ullin, IL. Our professional piano movers will pick your piano up at a time convenient to everyone involved. The movers will carefully wrap your piano in moving blankets or foam, secure it to the truck, then head south on US-51, merge onto I-57 North, then I-70 East toward Indianapolis. Staying mostly on I-70 through Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia into Pennsylvania, we would merge onto I-76 -- the Pennsylvania Turnpike -- all the way to Valley Forge National Historic Park. Our shop is only five or ten minutes from the Valley Forge exit.