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If you own a piano that is due or even over-due for quality refinishing, repair or restoration of any kind, from Adamsville to Pleasantville, to Five Points to Pall Mall to Piperton to Bemis, your piano repair is as close as the entrance to your local interstate highway. Our professional piano moving team will pick up and deliver your piano in less time than you would imagine. You will be delighted with your newly restored piano. Our piano restoration services are guaranteed. Your piano will return ready enhance your life in Tennessee.

Jazz and Blues & Piano Tuning

There is a cliche about Jazz piano players and Jazz musicians in general. The story claims that Jazz musicians don't care about being in tune or up to pitch. "It's all just sound anyway..." Then coupled with this over simplification is the idea that improvisation as a way of making music doesn't require instruments that stay in tune. This is a myth.

This cliche implies that Jazz pianists are not concerned about the logical exactitude of music. Rather, the Jazz pianist is interested in (and praised for) the dynamic fluidity of music and therefore has no sustained interest in the logical dimensions. There is also associated with this notion that Jazz pianists avoid the logical side of music because they consider it to be too rigid, so rigid that a preoccuation with it can and probably will be anti-productive.

Again, this is a myth. The vast majority of Jazz musicians we have had as clients came to us hoping that we would (and could) restore their piano to a level where it would resonate without white noise and orbiting ticks and equally as importantly, that the restored piano would stay in tune. Not only this, but we have had many in depth theoretical conversations with Jazz pianists about the intersection between logical, melodic sequencing and the human, existential, anti-structural response to that logic. The relationships are not static because the music is embodied, living in that curious space between the piano player's hands and the piano's keys. That contact is extended, of course, in all directions, down to the shoes of the pianst, through the floor, through the strings to the soundboard, to the air, to the outmost interiors of the hearing chamber. In this way, too, because of embodiment, music is emotionalized, which is one of the reasons humans fall in love with music and then dedicate themselves to playing a musical instrument well.

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