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If you own a piano that is due or even over-due for quality refinishing, repair or restoration of any kind, from Abnaki to Rutland, to Jeffersonville to Topsham to Burlington to Shaftsbury, your piano repair is as close as the entrance to your local interstate highway. Our expert movers are picking up, delivering & delighting piano lovers all across Vermont and the country every day with pianos we repair and restore.

Should a Piano be Cleaned?

The insides of a piano can get very dusty over the years, especially if it has been neglected, stored, or otherwise left to itself. Usually when piano technicians come to your house to tune your piano, if the inside is dusty, the technician will clean the inside, first by vacuuming it out with a portable vacuum cleaner, then with a soft cloth.

Sometimes our piano restoration customers ask us whether we would like for them to clean the inside of the piano before we arrive to bring it to our shop for repairs and refinishing. We tell them not to worry about anything. We will take care of everything when it comes to piano restoration. In fact, especially if your piano hasn't been tuned in a long while, it is better to leave clean up of the inside of the piano to us.

When your piano is in use, you will want to keep water away from the finish, and of course, from inside the piano as well. Sometimes people will set a flower vase filled with water on the piano. This isn't a good idea, even if you don't spill water onto the finish, there can be minute changes in temperature between the contact surface and the zone immediately adjacent to the contact surface, as well as minute fractures and indentations in the finish. It is also very dangerous to set a water filled vase on the piano because of the possibility of a spill, or of condensation on the outside of the vase that might then make contact with the piano's finish.

Many pianos that come to our shop for cabinet repair and refinishing have water damage and ring marks from water filled vases.

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