American Made Pianos

American Piano Company

Factory Location: New York, New York
Serial Number Dates: 1908 - 1985


Established in 1908, The American Piano Company produced nine different makes of pianos, a production design that was intended to cover the price range established by the class divisions of American society. Later, in 1932, the American Piano Company merged with the Aeolian Piano Company to form Aeolian-American Co., and with aggressive strategies for merging with other American manufactures, eventually became the umbrella for a long list of piano names, including Aeolian, Acoustigrande, Ampico, Armstrong, Brewster, Chickering, A.B. Chase, Duo Art, Ellsworth, Emerson, J & C Fischer, Foster-Armstrong, Marshall-Wendell, Mason & Hamlin, Franklin, Gabler, Haines Brothers, Holmer & Sons, Knabe, Laffargue, Normandie, Lindeman, Primatone, Stuyvesant, Pianola, George Steck, Stratford, Stroud, Vose, Weber, Wheelock, and Primatone. The company closed its Rochester factory doors in 1982 and its Memphis factory in 1985.


Information source: Pierce Piano Atlas

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