American Made Pianos

Kohler & Campbell

Factory Location: New York, New York
Serial Number Dates: 1900 - 1983 (?)


The Kohler & Campbell company was established in 1896. The Kohler & Campbell grand piano also goes under the name, "Brambach." Other names associated with Kohler & Campbell are: Amplitheme, Amplitone, Art-Electric, Artist Record, Artistyle, Arto, Autopiano, Astor, Autokrat, Autopiano Playerette, Autotheme, Frances Bacon, Bennet, J. C. Campbell, Carter, Celeste, Conreid, Behning, Behr Brothers, Bjur Brothers, Davenport-Tracy, Design, Electra, Gordon, Hazelton Brothers, Ideal, Kohler, Kroger, McPhail, Milton, Jeffersonian, Charles Kohler, Pianista, Preston, Ministrelo, Mono Player, Newton, Peter Pan, Stephen Foster, Playerette, Simplex, Solist, Solostyle, Stratford, Stulz & Bauer, Symphonia, Symphotone, Tom Thumb, Triumph and Waldorf.


Information source: Pierce Piano Atlas

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