Point, Click, Restore Your Piano!How To Maintain Your Piano's Health

Tips on how to keep your piano healthy and beautiful.
Easy DIY precautions can add years to the life of your piano.

Simple Steps To Protect Your Investment

Piano owners love their pianos. Often, when making inquiries, our clients are prone to describe their pianos in human terms, as if the piano is a member of the family: "Is my piano healthy?" "How can I maintain my piano's present state?" "How can I extend the life of my piano?"

Much depends upon the integrity of design, the quality of materials used to build the piano, as well as the level of skill building it, but certainly, there are some simple, common sense steps you, the piano owner, can take to help maintain the health and stability of your piano. These steps, combined with regular servicing and maintenance provided by a professional technician will help preserve the instrument's individual character and offset the need and higher cost of more drastic repairs due to aging and neglect.

What You Can Do


  • Avoid placing your piano against an outside wall.
  • Avoid placing your piano near or under a window to the outside.
  • Avoid placing your piano next to a door to the outside.
  • Avoid placing your piano next to a door that is opened frequently.
  • Avoid placing your piano near heating and air conditioning vents.
  • Avoid placing your piano near a fireplace or space heater.
  • Avoid placing your piano where it will receive direct sunlight.
  • Avoid subjecting your piano to severe contrasts in temperature.
  • Avoid subjecting your piano to severe contrasts in humidity.
  • Avoid subjecting your piano to excessive tobacco smoke.
  • Avoid placing flower vases containing water on top of your piano.
  • When not in use, close the lid and fall board (or name board).
  • when not in use, consider using a piano cover or piano jacket.

It's true: your piano is an individual. Its tone, pitch and touch does, indeed, produce a particular quality of sound that distinguishes it from the mass, making it unique, recognizable, knowable and worthy of affection and attention. And the analogy does hold that preventative care can go a long way in preserving your piano's health, stability and individual character for years to come.

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